The Lachlan McIntosh Tannery Foundation brings hope to children and their families during stem cell transplant through supporting families in need, advancing patient care and childhood cancer research, raising awareness and growing the National Marrow Donor Program.


Love & Hope

The Lachlan McIntosh Tannery Foundation was formed with the simple desire to bring hope to others, using Lachlan’s story and his family’s experience as our catalyst. We deliver welcome packages to GHS and MUSC for transplant patients and their families in an ongoing effort to bring light to childhood cancers and to give them some much-needed comforts of home. 



We offer hope and support to children and their families navigating the journey through cancer–from diagnosis to remission. Some of our projects include–but are not limited to– welcome packages to newly diagnosed patients upon entering GHS and/or MUSC for transplant, funding for Broviac bands and travel cards for gas, food, and other necessities  during the families’ hospital stay. 


One of The Lachlan McIntosh Tannery Foundation’s main goals is  raising awareness about childhood cancer and leukemia and to aid families during their journey by helping them navigate the financial resources available to them. We strive  to continually grow the National Marrow Donor Registry and to make our community and beyond aware of the importance of becoming a donor. 

Meet Lachlan


Meet our namesake, now our angel. Lachlan McIntosh Tannery was a Seneca, SC, resident who was diagnosed with Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML) in the summer of 2014. Like most two year old little boys, Lachlan was energetic, curious, and full of life. Some of Lachlan’s favorite things were watching Thomas the Train, playing with his twin brother, Calhoun, and ignoring his baby brother, Owen. Lachlan loved his Clemson Tigers and like any true Clemson fan, his favorite color was orange. A true Southern gentleman, his most favorite food was bacon washed down with his gran’s sweet tea. Lachlan had a love for tractors, and was also quite the fashionable fella–with a style ranging from bowties and seersuckers to Southern Fried Cotton tees and Chuck Taylors.

After a successful bone marrow transplant in November 2014, Lachlan relapsed. He gained his angel wings on May 7, 2015. In his brief two years on earth, Lachlan united a community in love and continues to bring hope to others through the legacy he leaves behind.

Click here to read a letter from Lachlan’s mother that details his journey.

How You Can Help


Register to be on the National Bone Marrow Registry through Be The Match in Lachlan’s honor. Click here to order a kit for the bone marrow registry.


Your donation will help bring more awareness to growing the National Marrow Donor Registry, funding childhood cancer research , and will also help support patients like Lachlan and their families going through this journey.


We love hearing from you! Stay connected with us through all of our social media outlets. Let us know if you would like to volunteer with us or if you are interested in hosting or participating in an event.